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There are numerous other online reputation management companies that help manage your business reputation. However, no competitor is as thorough with reporting, business analytics, the number of review sites, monitoring, collecting, and amplifying your online reputation as ReviewInc. The following are a few unique features to consider:
  • BEST Microsite. Compiles your reviews on YOUR site, so it generates SEO traffic for you and brands the entire process as your own.
  • Auto-Fix Link Management. ReviewInc is the only system that automatically finds, monitors, and FIXES review site links.
  • 26 Different Languages. The ONLY Online Reputation Management company that offers 26 different languages.
  • BEST Conversion Reports. ReviewInc is the ONLY review platform that matches requests for reviews to public reviews. See the conversion reports with metrics showing the ROI from each campaign.
  • MOST Versatile Review Generation. ReviewInc supports multiple message types and review flows to encourage customers to share public reviews online.
  • MOST Review Sites. ReviewInc includes over 600 review sites, the most in the business.
  • BEST REVIEW MONITORING. ReviewInc performs the most thorough analysis of your business reviews and gives you the most comprehensive view. It includes the:
    • BEST Dashboard. It is the Most customizable and can be arranged exactly as preferred.
    • BEST Reporting. Shows competitive rankings over time, includes customizable rules, and pushes Dashboard-like emails.
A detailed matrix that shows how ReviewInc compares to other review management software is available upon request here.

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