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Gym and Fitness Center Reviews

ReviewInc, in combination with Pepperdine University, studied the business challenges of gyms and fitness centers. Ideas were created, then put to the test at a local gym. The results are compelling.

Improved Leads for Gyms and Fitness Centers

To find a gym, the consumer today goes online to search on the word gym. The results are geo-targeted to their current location, and will appear as follows:

  • Gym A: ★★
  • Gym B: ★★★★★

Although Gym "A" performed expensive SEO to appear #1 in the search results, most consumers will call Gym "B". Why? Because of the positive reviews.

ReviewInc has a unique system to collect reviews from your gym members and encourage the happy members to share online, driving up your star ratings, resulting in new leads in the door.

Improved Conversions for Gyms and Fitness Centers

On average, 75% of warm leads touring a gym never convert. They walk out and never come back. What if you knew what they were thinking, and could address it? Would that improve conversions?

So we put that to the test using the ReviewInc system at a local gym. The results:

  • 300% increase in day-of sign-ups.
  • Shortened sales cycle by half.
  • Dramatically improved lead to conversion ratio.

Improved Retention for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Retention is key for long term gym success. ReviewInc's system provides the feedback mechanism to quickly raise awareness to issues.

Turning an unhappy customer into a happy customer will increase loyalty and retention.

Let us show you how. To learn more about the case study about gyms and fitness centers contact us or call us today at 877 9REVIEW.